Custom Wheels for a Classic Car

You’ve just bought a new car but definitely feel that the factory-made rims and wheels have to go. After all, they are oh-so-boring and plain, not to mention every other driver with the same make and model will have the same set of wheels. So you have made the decision to change the rims to something which suits your personality. Well, you are definitely open for choice because there are many different custom wheels that you can purchase. For starters keep in mind that the price of each set of wheels will vary depending on the manufacturer and or auto shop you buy them from. A general rule of thumb is that if you pay less that is what you will ultimately get. We are not advocating buying expensive custom wheels rather you need to be careful of what you buy because you want to watch out for quality. It would be appropriate if at this point in time you start thinking of your budget for your custom wheels. How much are you willing to pay for them?

Additionally, did you know that by changing your cars’ wheels and rims, you could unintentionally cause your car manufacturer’s warranty to become null and void? This is the reason why you need to select an auto shop which can give you the best advice and information if you want to purchase custom wheels. You do not want to accidentally purchase wheels that look gorgeous but don’t fit the specifications and end up with more troubles in the end. First off, have a look at your vehicle. Depending on how heavy it is, you need to select suitable wheels that can bear its weight. A wheel which is too big might cause problems to your car’s brake system while one which is too small could very well make it difficult for you to turn. Typical custom wheels that you can choose would be made of alloy or steel. Light alloy wheels will reduce the overall weight of your vehicle and that in turn means your vehicle is now consuming less petrol.

These type of wheels will also be a good choice for you if you frequently encounter stop-go traffic while on the roads. You will not face over heating if using light alloy wheels because they allow air to flow into your brakes. On the other hand, if you plan to use your vehicle for heavy lifting or if you will frequently use back roads to transport items, you should opt for custom wheels made of steel because they are sturdy. Before actually purchasing your new set of custom wheels, there are some technical details of your car which you should be aware of. What is the maximum load rating of your car? Your new wheels should be compatible with that because if it isn’t, problems will occur in the future. You might not think much of it but each part of the car plays its own role. A tiny or slight variation from that will affect the performance of your car.

As such, when buying wheels, make sure that they have the same bolt pattern as the ones you already have on the vehicle. It would be very strange if you eventually bought custom wheels that did not fit because the bolts are not in the same place. Now that you have a general idea of your budget and the technical aspect of purchasing custom wheels, you can relax a little and think about the style of wheels and rims that you want on your car. After all, that is the reason why you decided to get a new set of wheels in the first place. You want something that mirrors your personality and gives your car a little bit of that extra jazz. If you are considering showing your classic car then be sure you know the judges rules on custom rims.