Cool About Custom Rims

When I was young I used to love watching monster truck derbies. I think that my fascination with these humongous trucks came from watching them run over cars that were so much smaller than them in comparison. I just loved this. It was one of my favorite things to watch. As I grew older my taste in cars grew stronger and I began to love watching them more and more. I can remember when I was around thirteen years old my favorite car was the 1986 Cutlass Supreme. But of course I was only thirteen then. As I grew older cars changed as well as my taste in them.

The main thing that I realized change about cars was the way that people customized them It used to be that a car phone and maybe a new stereo would be the only thing that someone would change on their car but now every person has a large sized rim on their vehicle. It has grown increasingly popular for people to change the rims on their cars to something that suits their taste more. It seems that the more popular it becomes the larger the size of the rims that people want to put on their ride.

I used to think that this was actually pretty tasteless myself but I have actually come to love larger sized rims my self. They just add that extra bit if pizazz to the look of you car that might be missing otherwise. To me this is the ultimate for of expression and I love it. So just what is so cool about custom rims? I think that it is just about being different and standing out, nothing more.