Cool About Custom Rims

When I was young I used to love watching monster truck derbies. I think that my fascination with these humongous trucks came from watching them run over cars that were so much smaller than them in comparison. I just loved this. It was one of my favorite things to watch. As I grew older my taste in cars grew stronger and I began to love watching them more and more. I can remember when I was around thirteen years old my favorite car was the 1986 Cutlass Supreme. But of course I was only thirteen then. As I grew older cars changed as well as my taste in them.

The main thing that I realized change about cars was the way that people customized them It used to be that a car phone and maybe a new stereo would be the only thing that someone would change on their car but now every person has a large sized rim on their vehicle. It has grown increasingly popular for people to change the rims on their cars to something that suits their taste more. It seems that the more popular it becomes the larger the size of the rims that people want to put on their ride.

I used to think that this was actually pretty tasteless myself but I have actually come to love larger sized rims my self. They just add that extra bit if pizazz to the look of you car that might be missing otherwise. To me this is the ultimate for of expression and I love it. So just what is so cool about custom rims? I think that it is just about being different and standing out, nothing more.

Shopping Custom Rims

Rims are the parts of the car that you can customize very easily to make your car to stand out of the crowd. Making custom rims is not as demanding as it seems. You will need either some basic artistic skills or the passion to play with colors. Different color custom rims can make a car look entirely different. However, you can think of many more variations while making a plan.

Talking about a plan, you will need to make a simple plan with the help of a sketchpad, colored pens or pencils, a compass and a ruler. You must draw different sketches of custom rims. If you feel not to be much artistic, you can make the design online as well. There are some good websites, which make rim designing easy, if you give some basic parameters on how you would like to see the improved rims. The other way to make your car stand out is to paint your rims.

If you want to create your rims personally, then you need to know the exact details of the existing rims and all measures concerned. If you go to a huge seller of rims, you will meet the widest choice of all sorts of rims. If the car part seller also deals with used rims, you will see some formerly customized rims as well. With a different setting of axis, you can make a unique rim. There are custom rims with all sort of axis setting and they look fantastic. However, do not forget rim is not a hubcap. You will need to sort out if you want a new design of hole-pitch. By changing the form and way of hole-pitch, you can create unique forms as well.

To make drastic changes, you will need a CNC lathe operator. If you have never touched a lathe operator earlier, then you should get a car mechanic or any certified operator to help you with this. The CNC Lathe is not in every house though; you will most likely have to rent it. Ask around for rental and operation costs at the same time. With the help of CNC, the lathe will be programmed to cut a bold rim into the design of custom rim that you have planned.

You can make custom rims by playing with the color and the hole-pitches in order to create something different. This is the cheapest method for making your own custom rims. You can make a great change if you paint the outer rim of your rubbers. White is one favored color in this regard, but painting all sorts of colors, even multiple colors can make a car outstanding. In case you do not feel to be suitable for nay of the above-mentioned processes, you can get someone to make custom rims for you at an agreed fee. However, it will be a completely different feeling if you take part personally in this process.

Find Your Flash With New Custom Rims

Your can polish your car so it will shine so bright it could be seen from outer space. You can put all kinds of special bumper stickers all over it or even go really fancy with a spiffy new paint job. But if you want real flash – the kind that makes everybody stop and look at you – you want to go with new custom rims. This means you’ll replace the wheels that were on your car when you bought it and purchase special aftermarket rims.

To make this step, you’ll be shopping the same places that die-hard car enthusiasts shop. One thing to know about the market for rims is that it is very crowded with lots and lots of choices. The first choice that will cut down the options for you is whether you are going to pick steel rims or aluminum alloy rims. Both choices have their advantages. Steel is heavier but has that shine and sturdiness that’s hard to match. Aluminum alloy is also very strong yet light option for your car. Lighter is better for your gas mileage. The number of designs and color options in aluminum alloy are greater than steel.

One manufacturer of both steel and aluminum alloy rims to look out for is Gianelle. These custom Italian rims are known among those familiar in the field for their style, strength and flash. When Hollywood celebrities want to upgrade their rides, you can bet they are reaching for Gianelle rims. The Gianelle rims come in a variety of looks and colors. You have a purple car that needs the right kind of rims to set it off — you’ll be able to find the right fit for sure.

When you are going for custom rims, you have to be sure that the size that you buy fits the kind of car you have. The normal range for aftermarket rims are 17 to 26 inches, which are plenty big enough to get you all kinds of attention. But, again, check the specs on your car before making the investment. The final decision comes down to what is going to give you the real flash, the real bang for your buck. You can spend lots of valuable time and energy cleaning your car that’s going to get dirty again anyway or you can make a purchase that will increase the value of your car and make you stand out as you ride down the road.